How to Clean and Speed up Memory of your Android Phone

Since i had my iPhone 5, I rarely used my Ice Cream Sandwich Android phone for it keeps on logging many times especially everytime I'm opening multiple applications.   There were instances also where it suddenly stopped and turned off and getting too much time to turn it on again.

These problem keeps on appearing from time to time.  Due to my disappointment, I restore the factory setting of my Android phone and loaded with applications again.  So far, it works well but still it shows slow performance compare to iOS.

As what we have known, Android phones are found almost everywhere, and they range from slow to high end mobile. As time passes by, all of them will slow down.  This is why you should maintain your phone's smoothness by following the simple tips.

1)  Update your phone's software regularly. It fixes some bugs, firmwares and some lags.

2)  Factory Reset your phone.  Performing  this tip erases everything and brings back your phone to the new condition.  Back up your contact lists and other important information before performing this tip.

3)  Uninstall unused applications.  We often downloading various applications but not usable.  Delete some of those for it helps easing up the memory consumption.

4)  Restart the phone.  When your device experiencing lagging, restart it for 2 minutes.  Somehow it helps though its a temporary option.

5)  Rooting the phone. Don't do this tip if you are not expert on rooting.

6)  Download usable application from Google Play such as auto task killer, anti virus, cache cleaner, and apps from phone to SD card.

7)  Reduce the number of homescreens.

8)  Monitor application for memory usage.

There you go guys!  Ciao!

How to protect your Facebook from hackers?

My Facebook account was hacked recently. Luckily, after a week of exchanging emails with Facebook team, I was able to recover my account.  Though my messages were read and sort of "exposed" by this hacker, I just keep my mouth shut for I believe the power of "Karma".  I don't have the right to judge people only God, so I leave it to Him.  It was a lesson anyway to not leave my PC on or let other people to hold my phone browsing my applications.

Anyways,  one of the easiest ways to hack your Facebook and gain access to your personal information is to take it off a website you are browsing on that requires password.

In some place where you just logged in because it is unsecured like malls, coffee shops, neighbors, etc ., anyone with a little know how and right programs can easily access to your information.

Protecting account from hackers could possible be prevented if you do the following steps:

1)  Never share your passwords with anyone including family and friends.  Don't just connect to any unsecured wifi.

2)   Don't open suspicious links being posted by your friends in Facebook.

3)  Add secondary email to your account.  In case your account hacked,  Facebook will send account recovery information to the secondary email you had provided.

4)  Don't just accept strangers adding you as friend or sending messages.  Once you accepted their requests, you allow them to view your timeline and access your personal info.

5)  Limit yourself from posting financial details or personal matters.

6)  Don't like groups, persons or websites pages without validating its authenticity.

7)  In case you are an owner/admin of a certain Facebook page, don't accept strangers as your co-admin.

8)  Change your passwords regularly and activate your login notifications.

There you go guys!  Have a safe facebooking!

External Hard Drive Advantages

External hard drive is the ultimate back up device for your files.  The data it can store depends on the hard drive memory.  Nowadays it usually comes with 300gb, 500gb, 750gb, 1tb and 2tb.  Computer backup devices are part of our lives as we are accumulating more and more files such as pictures, music, videos and movies.

External drive comes connectable via USB cable.  It can easily be plugged and play anytime, anywhere to any computers.  Benefits from having external hard rives includes:

1)  Mobile/Portable.  You can easily bring your hard drive as you wish.  To office, school, friends house and voila connect!

2)  Safe Backup Device.  You can remove the external hard disk anytime as it is not permanently connected to the computer.  In an instance when your computer system crashes, external drive will still be safe.

3)  Store huge amount of data.  Since it comes with different memory sizes, you can store huge data and or files depending on your requirements.

4)  It saves computer from getting clogged.  If you are a person who keeps on downloading huge files such as movies, always remove them from your computer so it will not affect your computer's performance.

5)  You can format anytime as you desired.

In choosing the best external hard drive, sticking to well known brands I think would be the best choice.

Possible iPhone 5S Photos Surfaced Online

Chinese technology site  posted an images of allegedly iPhone 5S already going into production.  It looks identical to Apple's latest model iPhone 5.

The Chinese site also said that iPhone6 will come with larger display incresing from 4.8 inches to 5 inches.  
Ohhh!  That would be awesome!  I'm so excited for it!

Twitter Version 5.3.1 released for iOS

Apple releases Twitter Version 5.3.1 for their iOS to fix crashes that occur when user with a protected account manages multiple follower request.  

This update comes following Twitter Version 5.3 with the following features:

-  Instantly access great content with improvements to search and discover on iPhone.
-  Discover delivers a single stream of Tweets, Trends, Activity and account to follow.  Pull to refresh or keep scrolling to see more content.
-  Search results may now include older, popular tweets.
-  Search now shows the most relevant mix of people, tweets and photos.
-  It's also easier to use search with one button at the top of the app.
-  You can see your five most recent searches and tap them to redo the search, or you can clear your recent search history.
-  Links instantly open web pages when you tap URLs in your stream.
-  Performance improvement make launch times faster, especially for older iOS devices.
-  Connect shows interactions like new followers, retweets and mentions only in settings.
-  Improved right-to-left language support for Arabic and Hebrew.
-  Bug fixes and other improvements.

Update your Twitter over App Store to enjoy these features!

iTunes offers 8 days of Gifts

It's time of year for giving and welcoming the year of the snake!  For the Chinese iOS users, this is your chance to enjoy free offerings from iTunes.  From February 8 through February 15, 2013, a new designated gift will be made available to download for free every day for eight days.  Gifts include a great selection of Chinese songs, applications and games to keep you entertained throughout the festivities.

So check out your iTunes everyday for these free offerings!

Have a prosperous start to the Lunar Year!

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