Hands on Review: Samsung Galaxy Note II

Its finally here!

Just like the winter, Samsung Galaxy Note II "phablet" is spreading its effects in different middle east countries.  Big and medium mobile shops are selling for a lower price compare to other countries.

In Saudi Arabia, its price ranges from Saudi Riyals SR 2,400-2600 or Philippine Peso Php 26,200-28,400 or US$ 640-690.

Round Up

Samsung Galaxy Note II is like the Samsung Galaxy S3.  It has same front face, button and styling.  It also having a bright and crisp HD Super Amoled screen, 720 x 1280 pixels, slim factor of 0.37 inches, run in Android Jelly Bean 4.1.4 OS, and a stylus and pen friendly software.  One thing which is I believe one of the major improvements is the battery life.  It wows me as Galaxy Note 2 almost double the battery life of Galaxy Note!  In every way, it is a glorious big smartphone!


Storage and Memory: 16GB, 32GB, and 64 GB editions with a slot available for even more capacity.  It comes with 2GB RAM

Processor:  Eyxnos 4412 powerful quad core

Software:  4.1 Android Jellybean

Camera:  8 megapixel, recording video at 1080p, 1.9 pixel front facing camera

Battery:  3100mAh, up to 16 hours of talk time (on 3G rather than 4G.

Connectivity:  4G LTE

Techno Addiktus rounds up Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hands on review!



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