Tips When Buying Mobile Phone

Mobile phone manufacturers are selling millions of units per model and in turn, mobile shops, repair centers and even downloading centers for mobile videos and music are spreading everywhere.

An ordinary mobile buyers used to save a little amount of money from their income just to have the phone they've been asking for.

Techno Addiktus brings you few tips which may help you when buying a mobile phone.

1)  Buy the best model/brand which you think suit your budget and requirements. Be in mind that mobile phones are not a necessity, you could have lived without it.  Prioritize your basic needs.

2)  Once you have purchased, keep the receipt and warranty note.  Don't throw it away as these serve as a proof of purchase. If you have to complain you will need those receipt and warranty note.

3)  Complain to the seller or the shop immediately when you discover a fault or any defects.  Complain should be in person along with the receipt and warranty note.  Most shops are not entertaining complain by phone as they will require you to present the item and proof of purchase.

4)  Be in mind that right to complain or warranty claim doesn't mean it covers all faults.  Read the warranty note before complaining.

5)  When the seller or shops asks you to retain your phone for repairing, take note its serial number.  If the warranty doesn't cover the cost for repairing, don't just leave your phone without asking for repair and parts charges.  Clear every costs they are going to charge and their guaranty note.

6)  After repairing, if the same faults or defects occur again, return it back and present the guaranty note as you are entitled to put the same fault right twice.



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