How to get rid of Mobile Viruses

Nowadays, smartphones and tablets are gradually overtaking the popularity of PCs and laptops as a medium source of communications and computing platforms.  Highly developed countries’ schools and universities are providing tablets such as iPad and Kindle Fire as a replacement for books which students usually complaining due to its heavy load on their bags.

Smartphones and tablets users tend to store their personal data for they use it for online banking and e-shopping, unaware or not even more important to think about their device security.

Such devices require antivirus to be safe from any harm of stealing personal information online such as malwares.

Techno Addiktus lists down tips on how to get rid of mobile viruses, stay away from malicious applications and to secure that your device is free from virus attacks.

1)  Do not download applications from unreliable sites or links provided by third parties.  Stick to official application stores of your OS provided on your device (App Store for Apple products, Google Play for Android OS, Marketplace for windows and App World for Blackberry).  Depending on your device OS, the icons of these mobile stores are available and already installed.  You just have to register to download stores applications.

Note:  Downloading application from your official app store does not mean that such application is free from malicious attacks.  Just recently, it was found out that more than 100K applications from Google Play are "suspicious".  

2)  Before downloading any applications, thoroughly check the developer of the applications.  If an application you have chosen has no reviews, comments, star rating or only few users downloaded it, don't proceed.  Leave it!

3)  If an application requires permission to access your messages or to send messages, phone book, and contents of your SD card - discard and leave.  Likewise, beware of applications that request access to internet.  I'm not saying not to download but keep an eye onto it.

4)  Avoid jailbreaking or rooting your mobile. Jailbreaking is term for iPhone/iPad and rooting for Android phones.  By jailbreaking or rooting, you are removing the built in security safeguards of your device.  This will allow malicious applications to take over of your device.

5)  Download anti virus on your phone.  Free antivirus are available for every App store of your OS.  You just have to update and scan from time to time.  Techno Addiktus personally recommends Free Avast for Android.

6)  Updating your mobile operating system is a must.  You just have to connect your phone to your PC or wifi connection can do depending on OS requirement.  Unfortunately, some OS updates especially Android phones are not that possible.  Android phones usually announcing which models are upgradeable  to higher OS.

Ciao!  Hope Techno Addiktus helps you on how to get rid of mobile viruses in any ways! 



Really helpful. Even phones aren't safe from the dreaded virus, so it's best that we're absolutely careful in the apps that we install.

But I wouldn't really follow advice # 4. Rooting is the best thing that I have done to all my phones. Hehe.

@will: thanks for the comment. As I have mentioned, keep an eye on ur phone applications. Rooting may be safe for you but its not actually hehehe.

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