How to Save Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy S3 and Android Phones

A friend of mine gives me a simple task on how to handle the battery life of his Android phone - Samsung Galaxy S3 (Congratulations!) as it lasts for only a day.  Techno Addiktus did hands on review of SG S3 a weeks ago  but unfortunately, life test was not tackled.

To date, this gigantic phone is making wave in market for its amazing features.  Been going out to check mobiles stores here in middle east and its available everywhere - cheap compare to other countries, many people actually using it based on what I have seen.

Back to Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life issues, you could have prolong its battery life by following these steps (these steps can also be applied to all Android phones):

1)  Because of SG S3 big and beautiful screen, you should adjust the brightness settings.  Go to Settings -> Dispay -> Brightness where you can choose to adjust the brightness down to its lowest level.  This technique works fairly well.

2)  Disable your wifi connection when you dont use it.  Wifi connectivity drains battery life very fast. When it is on, the phone is trying to scan and scan for wireless network which rapidly decreases your battery level.

3)  Turn off bluetooth when not in use.  Nowadays, apart from sending files thru bluetooth, wireless headset is also of use.  You could have turn it off to save battery life.

4)  Disable GPS.  When GPS is sync to some of your applications, it dramatically drains battery life as it uses large data to send.

5)  Do not syncs your applications to your phone.  Some applications require to sync to your phone to work but most applications don't.  If possible, do not sync as it sucks battery level.

6)  Kill applications which are running but not of use. Use the shortcut method on your phone. Long press the menu button -> close running applications by swiping to the left (for Android ICS 4.0.1 and Jelly Bean OS)

7)  Disable animated wallpaper. 

8)  Delete applications you don't use frequently or not of use.

9)  Disable the screen widgets that you don't need.

10)  Keep your phone in a normal temperature, away from hot areas.  

 There you go guys!  Hope these tips could have helped you! :-)



@the one:

thank you. I think I know u.

proven, my battery life lasted for 5 more than 3 days doing most of the recommendation.
I'm now more than happy for my S3


GPS, wifi and screen brightness are the main factors decreasing battery level. Open applications usually slow down the memory.

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