iPad Tablets Tips and Tricks 101

To have fun and make things efficient for your iPad, Techno Addiktus list down most usable tricks and tips for your iPad.  These tips work on different iPad generations.
1)  Create Folder
Having crowded icons on your screen feels boring and irritating at times when you can't figure out the location of the application you want to open.  Creating folder is the best way to minimize it.  For instance, you can create folder for social icons, utility icons, ebooks and others.  To create folder, just tap and hold an icon/application until they start jiggles and then drag the icon/application to other icon/application and release.  You can rename the folder name as you like.
2)  Access All Running Applications
Once you close a certain application, you will never know if its still running or if there are other applications running on your iPad.  To access open applications, double click the home button until it shows the application in a bar type.  To close applications, tap and hold the icon until red dash sign (-) appears on the corner of the icons.  Tap it to close.
3)  Control Notifications
Do you want to stop those noisy notification applications tones? Irritable at times, right? Now,  you can choose which applications notification you want to pop up.   To control it, go to Settings > Notifications and then decide which applications can pop up alerts, which have notifications at the screen top and which will appear in the notification center.
4)  Saving Pictures/Images from Facebook or Websites
Just a tap and you're done!  Yup!  To save images from your favorate website, just click the image to open, tap it for a while until an option to save appears.
5)  Taking iPad Screenshot
Taking screenshot is so easy!  Just press the home key together with the off/on key.  The screen will flash and you will hear the click sound which indicates that screenshot has been taken and saved on your photo album.
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