Reasons Why I Love Apple IOS - Products

I grew up using different models of Nokia phones from basic to qwerty to touch screen.  Though some of my  colleague and officemates are having Samsung, Alcatel, LG, so forth that time, I never thought of switching to  other mobile brands as I was an avid fan of Nokia.  Year 2007 when I started to try Samsung Matrix - a phone featured in Matrix movie (if I'm not mistaken) worth Php 22,900.  Yes, I sacrificed my one month salary just to have that silvery flip top phone.

Time passed, I managed to skip away from Nokia and opted to give a try to other brands.  My Sony Ericsson Arc S with Ice Cream Sandwich was my first attempt.  Whatta cool phone!  I always ended up waking up late because of downloading applications and or playing games.  It  was one of the coolest phone I ever had.

Year 2011 when I switch to Apple product thru iPad2.  At first I was reluctant of buying costly thing,  I could have bought 2 Android phones, don't mind the hype spreading by Apple but I ended up swiping my card.

Since then, have started using Apple products and here's the reason why I love their IOS - Products!
  • Physical attributes - Apple products are made up of quality cover/casing.  They don't feel cheap or half baked.  Obviously, their products maintain classy, elegant and slim physical attributes.
  • Saved from internet viruses attacks - Your device is safe from worms, malware, trojans, etc.  Of course, there are instances where virus can infect apple products but they regularly release fixes for vulnerabilities that can cause trouble.
  • Apple OS - The interface is amazing.  I must say its totally incomparable to other OS.  I love the icons, the touch effects.... everything within except Apple map (hope they will bring back google map or at least update their crap map)!
  • Apple Store - You can download millions of applications (some are free of course), note that a recent study reveals that App Store applications are safer that Google Play Apps of Android.
  • Cool Accessories - Trendy accessories being made by well known mobile accessories manufacturers are awesome!
  • Mobile Camera - A 5 megapixel of an iPhone can be compared to 8 megapixel camera of other devices (don't get me wrong but that's what my brother observed).  
The reasons I have mentioned here are my personal observations.  To be fair to other OS, I would make posts the reasons why I love Android, Blackberry and Windows next time.....   




unbeatable ang quality ng materials na ginagamit nila.sana gawin din ng iba.

@diamond r:

you're right. i like the elegance of apple products, very simple but catchy!

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