How to Protect Your Mobile Phone from Snatchers

A friend of mine was crossing in the busiest road of our city when a 2 men riding on a motorcycle snatched his Blackberry phone while he was about to answer an incoming call.  Due to police unavailability in the area, snatchers escaped quickly and easily.

Such incident may happen to us or to our loved ones as these snatchers are everywhere, waiting for the right time to attack.  Techno Addiktus lists down tips on how to protect your mobile from snatchers and tips on what to do (if ever your device snatched already)!

1)  Always secure your personal data by setting up the PIN Code of your phone.  You may use security applications also depending on your lock type preference such as slide lock, pattern lock, PIN and password lock.

2)  Both IOS of Apple and Android are having tracking applications in case your phone stolen. Turn it on always. 

3)  Take down the IMEI Number of your device (press *#06#) as the authorities can easily track down your device by providing this number to them.

4)  In case your phone has already stolen, immediately do the following:
  • Call your mobile carrier to suspend your line (for post paid subscribers)
  • Call and inform the police.
  • Let your friends and relatives be aware of what has had happened immediately.
  • In case you phone is sync with your emails, facebook, twitter and other social networks, change your passwords right away.
5)  When you are walking on crowded public places, hold your phone securely, if possible put in your bag safely.  Don't text and walk!  Some people are of showy type showing what mobile model they got which tempting the snatchers to follow them wherever they go.  

6)  Avoid letting your child  play your device on public place.

Updated! suggests to download Periodic Phone locator, an application that can allow us to track our phone from timeto time whether it has been stolen or you want to track your children anytime. It is very useful because it will directly send your phone's current location to their server and you can check on it from their website using your login information.

Ciao guys!  Hoping these tips would have saved you from snatching your phone!



I have blogged about this certain application where you can track your mobile phone anytime anywhere. You might as well include it on your list. Compatible with Symbian and Android mobile phones. :)

@Boffill Bernardes:

thanks for the info Sir. Have updated already! :-)

Your welcome Sir. Glad I was able to help. :)

Sorry, I forgot to inform you that this application is FREE! :D

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