iPhone 5 Unboxing

I just got my iPhone 5 fresh from the box!  I supposed to do a video unboxing but nobody is around to hold the camera as I was doing it secretly ssssshhhh!

As usual, Apple never fails to offer a very distinct way of packing their items.  A beautifully crafted black box, simple yet elegant.  If I'm not mistaken, it was Apple started these slim mobile boxes in the market.

And here's the round up of what inside iPhone 5 box!

The item of the hour! (screen looks dirty because of the plastic)

I love black iPhone since my iPad is white.

I so love this thingy cute headset!

Unique charger and USB cable!

Cutee manual in different languages!

Ciao guys!  Reviews on iPhone 5 coming up!  Lemme enjoy this moment with my baby!



Fresh from the box! :) I don't know if it's already available here in the Philippines though. Unlock it now so you can use it here in the Philippines Ron. :)

@Boffill Bernardes:

Unlocked already! Globe unveiled iPhone5 last December 20 I think.

Yup yup. I've heard about it last December. I just thought you were outside the Phils when you got this item. :D

I wish I can buy iPhone 5 too but it is too expensive. By the way, are you open for link exchange.

@henry: Sure. I added u already in my list.

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