Review: Griffin Reveal Slim Fit Case for iPhone 5

One of the reasons why I love Apple products is the various available accessories from the well known manufacturers.  From its headphones to covers to screen protection, they never fail to produce accessories at its best.

For my iPhone 5 which I just got recently, I have decided to purchased Griffin Reveal Slim Fit Case.  This case protects my device from scratches and or possible damage in case of  occasional drop.  It is essentially a bumper with a clear plastic back.

The silicon band provides more grip to my iPhone and it doesn't add much bulk to the device.  It is very easy to hold the iPhone in one hand while reaching the corners.  The rubber edges are so smooth that I can just put it in my pocket. 

Griffin Reveal Slim Fit Case provides a balance between protection, size and looks.  The most popular colors I think are black and white though it has different colors to offer. 



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