Why Do I Love Android

It has been 9 months since I started using Android.  Android Gingerbread at first and now ICS - Ice Cream Sandwich.    Though I have been a loyal fan of Apple IOS as I mentioned in my previous post “Why I love Apple IOS”, I just realize that I am becoming an Android user for I can’t just put down my phone like what I’ve been doing to my IOS device.

To be fair with Android, I list down its features which I like most.
  • Android is freedom for me on how I customized the looks of my screen.  Different browser, keyboards, messaging and its user interface.  
  • The choice to buy unlocked phone at a decent price.  It is accessible to broad customer base as various mobiles are offering Android OS.  People who can't afford to buy high-end phone like iPhone can enjoy the benefit of having Android phone in affordable price.
  • The right choice to choose various Android phones on the market.
  • The ability to change user interface is totally impressive.
  • Android notification I think is a bit ahead of IOS especially for ICS OS.
  • Android offers more free applications than IOS.
Overall, its the openness, configurability, personal control and price that matters on Android!




Woot! Personally, I'm a big Nokia fan specifically Nokia Symbian OS phones. But since Nokia is killing Symbian, I think I'm gonna have to switch to Android. They said that you can overclock the system too. Your lists of Android features makes me more interested on choosing Android than iOS, that is if I'm gonna get over with Nokia Symbian. :D

thank for share this good information

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