Android: Cheapness and Popularity

Operating system battle between IOS and Android continues as Android now grabs market share.  For Apple, they don’t consider Android as immediate competitor as they are just keeping themselves unflappable by merely releasing slightly upgraded updates on IOS despite the stiff competition being shown by Android.  It indicates that as long as they are producing quality build iPhones driven by simplified IOS, nothing to worry as it is universally considered hard to beat.  It was even tagged as OS of the actors, rappers, singer, celebrities and politicians aka cool factors.

Contrary to what Apple does, Android phones are spreading wildfire and popping like mushrooms.  From introducing honeycomb to jelly bean, it just shows how serious they are in continually dominating mobile OS.  Mobile market leaders such as Samsung, Sony, and HTC temporarily stopped their previous Windows OS due to popularity of Android.In addition, Android now can also be found in selections of cheap mobiles from China, Hongkong, Taiwan and Philippines.  To note, some of the devices from these countries shows resemblance from the actual designs of Samsung Galaxy SIII and Samsung Galaxy Note and these are very easy to market.

While Android finally come into its own as sophisticated (for others), its success (even failure) could also be attributed to these small manufacturers producing cheap devices, distributing to local dealers. 

These manufacturers are free to use and modify Android as they please, and then pass on massive savings to consumers that purchases them in droves.  On the other hand a number of these handsets are slow, low quality and generally bad.

For the clueless consumers, they think that if these Android device can run Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram…etc. and access surf the web, it's fine for them.  Since what really matter is they have a (Android) phone.

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